Our Future

Hardbarger Impact Ministries is devoted to finding new and better ways to serve others.
Here are some things on our horizon: 

HIM Homes

This area of ministry was designed particularly to assist the homeless community. A HIM Home is a mobile enclosed shelter for homeless individuals and is currently being designed by local engineers. The HIM Home program will provide homeless individuals with shelter while they go through our one year program. The one year program is designed to help these individuals obtain employment, secure an apartment, and get back on their feet. This is a big goal with a big impact!

Disaster Relief

A disaster relief team has been something on our hearts since the beginning of HIM. With the generous donation of a box truck to our ministry, we have begun to build a fleet for the disaster relief team. Stay tuned for updates and contact us if you have interest in assisting with disaster relief!

Acts of Random Kindness
(ARK Events)

ARK events are unique events apart from our structured ministries. These events allow us to meet special needs in our community. An ARK event can be anything from building a wheelchair ramp for a disabled neighbor, to hosting a cookout at the park. Keep an eye out for these opportunities on our events page!

Have an ARK idea?
Submit it here.

***Due to high volume of requests, not all requests can be fulfilled***