Bed Brigade launched in 2016 and provides twin xl beds to individuals who need them.
To date we have delivered almost 800 beds and counting!
We would like to thank Ron Vanhorn of Circleville Vineyard Church for starting this wonderful ministry years ago.
There are 3 core areas for volunteers to engage with Bed Brigade:


The majority of our beds are built from scratch. We have 2 different designs that we alternate between based on material availability. All of our beds are Twin XL and come complete with a pillow/fitted sheet/flat sheet/blanket.


Delivery time is the most rewarding part of Bed Brigade. Often times our beds are the first pieces of furniture in the recipients home. Volunteers help deliver and set up the beds to ensure a good nights rest for the recipient.


The opportunity to connect with people is the heart behind Bed Brigade. This ministry provides a unique opportunity to bring the Word of God directly into peoples home. As a part of the connect team you will get to know the recipient while the delivery team sets up the beds. The connect team then offers the opportunity to pray for the family prior to leaving.

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***There are no qualifications required for a bed***